1992 Developing Rewards from Ministry of Economics of Taiwan
1994 ISO 9002 Certified
1994 Certification from NFOI for Best Environmental Friendly Factory
1997 The first company in Taiwan to manufacture clothes for clean room
1998 The establishment of waste water treatment
1999 The company went public in Taiwan Stock Exchange
1999 ISO 14001 Certified
2000 Oeko-Tex label certified
2001 Invested USD 8.8M to set up factory in Shaoxing, China
2002 Patent granted in the development of plasma surface modification
2003 Strategic alliance with Palnet from Japan
2005 Patented granted for successfully invention of carbon charcoal fabrics
2006 Expanded scale of operation in Shaoxing China for USD11 Million
2007 Strategic alliance with Invista for research & development
2008 Fund granted for Marketing Program from M.O.E of Taiwan
2008 Order granted from Taiwan Army for personnel parachutes
2009 Fund granted for new development from Industry Bureau of M.O.E
2010 Successfully developed the hi-tech fabric for kite-surfing