Chang-Ho Fibre was established by Richard Chen in 1982.  Started with producing artificial follower fabrics, the company became the largest maker in the world a few years later.  Once, 70% of the global consumption was produced by Chang-Ho Fiber.  The company went public in 1988.  The new era starts for the company.  In 1996, demanded by the market, the company started to produce functional textiles for outdoor sports and equipments.  In 2000, the company changed the percentage of product lines by switching some of the operation from apparel to non-apparel areas such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, parachutes and wind surfing…etc.

        Today, Chang-Ho Fibre have developed Cross-Strait Operation Model to provide quick and good service to our customers.  The operation in Taiwan as well as in China includes texture yarns, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, laminating and so on and in both woven and knits fabrics.  Our customers are such as Nike, Adidas, LLBean, VF Group…etc.

        “After several time of revolving of the company, our products are very versatile and many to choose from.  Though we are a textile manufacturer, however, our core values are quality service and good products.  The delicate service and customer satisfaction are our goal and core.  We also devote ourselves in environmental products and carbon footprint for substantiality.  This is also one of our core developing goals”  (Richard Chen, The founder and President of Chang-Ho Fiber).