Nan-Kan Weaving / Dyeing & Finishing Integrated Mill (Taiwan)

Chang-Ho Fiber has one integrated weaving and dyeing and finishing mill in Taiwan. The greige fabrics are including texture yarns, polyester filament fabrics, nylon filament fabrics, micro-fiber and special treatment fabrics. The quality is recognized by international brand names.  The weaving processes including warping, sizing, weaving and QA..etc.  Chang-Ho Fiber pay a lot of attention in labor safety, and passed the ISO 9001.  The processes in dyeing and finishing mill include dyeing, finishing, coating, lamination and printing.  The fabric lines, beside the apparel fabrics, include bags, backpack, functional fabrics, using materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and cotton type materials. The finishing include lamination, coating, water repellent, fire retardant, anti-mosquito, anti-mold, wind blocker, wicking and oil release..etc.  We have world class waste water treatment system, receiving many recognition from many mega-brand name.


Chang-Ho Fiber (Shaoxing, China)

Chang-Ho Fiber (Shaoxing) established in 2003.  The mill is a fully integrated textile factory.  The factory has the brand new dyeing and weaving facilities and start to operate fully in 2007.  It is the most modern and integrated factory in the area and produce nylon fabrics as the core product.  The mill starts to make industrial fabrics and leisure sport wear fabrics, later, depend on the progress of the mill, high added value fabrics will be produced in the future in order to supply global textile brand names.  Chang-Ho Fiber (Shaoxing) is prepared to provide best service and quality product to the customers and create a win-win situation for the market. 


Chang-Hen Knitting

The company was founded in 1997 and is one of the subsidiaries of Chang-Ho Fiber Group. We can produce all kind of knits, from single jersey to double face knits, from sport wears to casual wears.  In order to catch up with the fashion trend, each year, we collect tons of different type of fashion knits and information for our customers to initiate new developments.  Allied with up and down stream manufacturers, we develop hundreds of new items each season for our customers to choose from.


NOA Group (Taiwan)

NOA was established in 2007 and is specialized in producing outdoor sport garments.  Currently, we have four garment factories in Vietnam, and will expand in the near future. We product hunting garment, outdoor sports wear garment and casual wear.  We also have one marketing operation in Los Angles, USA to assist our business and collect market information and patterns.  Quick Response is our core spirit.  By using new skill in producing plan to speed up the production is our strategy.  Via the way, we can maintain our competency in the business world and provide best quality of service.



Color separation and roller making is the core of our business.  Our company has updated laser engraving system to make the roller with accurate patterns in a very short period time, usually within one week.  The job is including separation the color, drawing the color and fixing the picture and then engraving the roller. The mesh can be from 40 to 300.  The company has been in the printing market for over 20 years and is one of the best roller preparing company in Taiwan.