The Ultimate 2.5 Layers Fabric

The new finishing processes developed by Chang-Ho have open up a new era for performance fabric. By incorporating the dot matrix, the multi function fabric can be easily achieved. The dot layer can be used to replace the usage of lining fabric from protecting the PU or breathable film from abrasion with outside condition. The dot also can be applied as other performance such as anti-microbial, Far IR finish, anti-odor and many more. The new technology will not hinder the movement of wearers because of the dot bending moment and it is very easy to take care.
This technology can be applied on different kind of materials, and has been developed by Chang-Ho successfully. Currently the patent is under process.

End Uses:
Ski Wear
Sports Wear
Outer Wear Jacket
Casual Wear

Unique 2.5 Layers
Breathable Fabric
Soft Handle
Replace Lining Fabric
Fashion Trend