Anti-Microbial Technology
The Theory and Applications

Recently the people start to pay more attention to health issues, and one of the filed is the clothing system. People start to care about how the fabric can help to prevent the growth of bacterial or to terminate the microbial, in order to protect ourselves from the violation of various bacterial.

Many applications have been developed by Chang-Ho Fibre to assist to solve this problem. Several technologies, such as leaching technology and non-leaching system, or the silver technology, or even the chitosante, can be used in anti-microbial processes.

Even the plasma sputtering technology is used in anti-microbial by applying silver molecules onto the surface of the fabrics.

The leaching and non-leaching systems have been used in different occasions by applying different type of chemicals.

The leaching system is more efficient but non-leaching system is more environmental friendly. All depend on customer's needs.

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