Cotton Like Nylon Dual Performance  

What is “Naturlon ® ”? The newly released fabric from Chang-Ho which posses the existed excellent characters both from cotton and nylon. It is the fabric that combined filament yarn but still with natural cotton hand-feel. With the knowledge built inside, Naturlon has the nature character of UV cut and very easy to take care, and most of all, it is cheaper that cotton. With the different dennier– 75D, 230D, 320D, 480D, 640D and 960D, Naturlon ® can be used in a wide range of products for the daily life, such as sports wear, bags and even footwear..etc.

Chang-Ho has developed a series of different texture for Naturlon ® collection in order to provide our unique service to our customers. We believe that Naturlon ® will bring new values for your market and create a new era in existed cotton market.

End Uses:
Outer Wear
Sports Wear
Casual Bags

Naturally 50+ UV cut
Wrinkle free
Wick and quick dry
Cotton hand feel
Cheaper than cotton
Various applications