Comfort and Safety Technology

The human body encounters the change of environment every day. For example, the raise of temperature will increase the perspiration of human, results in the uncomfortable feeling of human body or sweating after the sports also will cause the uncomfortable feeling due to the damp environment of our clothing system, let alone, the windy day, where the so called “micro climate” of our clothing system will certainly changed, resulted in the un-comfort of our body. Although we have to encounter so many different situations from our environment, the functional fabric can do the job to diminish the harsh environment.

The fabric repellents water from the surface of the fabric when rains. The surface coating technology can be applied onto the fabric by using florine base or silicon base chemicals. The fabric can resist gusty wind by weaving technology. The construction of the fabric can be so tight that no wind allows to be penetrated into the fabric. The technology also can allow human perspiration to pass through the fabric but stop the water to penetrate into the fabric.

Controlling the micro-climate between the skin and clothing is a very difficult task, thus Comfort Science.  Chang-Ho has been using lamination and coating technology to provide comfort fabric and in order to provide safety to human body, our company prohibits to use PVC or and chemicals which will release PFOA.  All of the chemicals have MSDS to maintain the safety of the workers. The Innovation Center o our company devotes all the effort to develop fabrics which can react to the environment and provide comfort to the consumers.

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