Environmental Textiles and Technology

The textile industries or sales channel are always looking for new products, new materials, new finishing methods, new hand feel or new product concepts.  However, bombarded by the research and developments from the textile sector, innovative products are seldom being seen.  For the past few years, it is very hard to see new products in several well-known international textile exhibits.  Most of the so called new products are not so exciting, some of them can be fit into the category, but the price can’t be afforded. 

It appears that the developments of textiles for the past two years, regardless of apparel or non-apparel, the specifications or even fiber denier have been applied onto the eco-friendly textiles, including the requests of functional textiles, the change in fabric construction, lamination, printing or even coating.  The market demands on this section are huge.  Beside the textile fabrics itself, the self-conscious of environmental protection of manufacturers, has brought up the usage of Green Energy.

Our company has allied with Da-Ai Technology to develop recycled polyester yarn.  Using the Da-Ai Re-Pet yarns is the most environmental friendly yarns with the guarantee from the second largest charity group in the world. We also cooperated with Invista company to develop recycled Cordura yarn called Eco-Made. Our company has monitoring the total amount of carbon emission closely and is calculating the daily emission carefully.  Beside using eco-friendly materials, we also care about the Carbon Footprint. 

Should you need any further information, please contact:  chservice@chang-ho.com.tw