Wind Surfing – Extreme Sports

Response to the huge market demands in wind surfing, Chang-Ho has devoted a lot of resources to develop functional and durable, low cost wind surfing fabrics. The technology is to increase the strength of elongation and recovery by using high tenacity high density polyester yarn.  Adding proper agents and finishing processes, the permeability of fabric is extremely even and very easy controlled by the surfers.  The good hand feel and excellent performance of textile which made by Chang-Ho Fibre, has replaced the global market and become the best producer in the world.  There are not so many manufacturers in the market due to its producing technology. 

The key factors of this fabric are to decide the quality of resin and the amount which coated onto the fabrics, because those factors will influence the quality and cost of the fabrics.  Chang-Ho Fibre has developed our own formula to make this fabric.  The quality of this fabric has already exceeded the request from the market and received a very good reputation from the field. 

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