ECO-CARE  ® Recycled PET Bottles

Pantanal, you may never hear about it, but it is the most immerse, pristine and biologically rich environments on the planet.  Pantanal is also one of the world’s most productive habitats.  Pantanal attracts a great influx of birds and other animals — one of the hemisphere’s greatest natural phenomena, but unfortunately, it is disappearing because of you and me.        

The pollution to the environment from human society is causing the quick elimination of natural species.  Each year, fifty thousands of species were genocide, that is, one hundred and forty species disappeared every day, most of them, eliminated before been discovered. 

As the green textile manufacturer in Taiwan, Chang-Ho Fiber devotes our effort to provide our customer the environmental friendly polyester yarn –ECO-CARE®, the materials which came from pet bottles and recycled garments, which have the same characters and strength as the normal polyester fibers do.

ECO-CARE ® have various performance which suitable for outer wears and bags.  We believe that saving the environment is not only the responsibility of manufacturers, but also the end users.

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