Just Cool It !!
Sudden Cooling Sensation is What You Experience
Multi Mechanism Result in Superior Functionalities
Cool is What You Got !

Awesome Features

  1. Instant 2℃sensation from the skin will give consumers a whole new experience about fabrics and wearing comfort. 
  2. The B*Cool® fabric can withstand 50 times repeated washing.
  3. With the UPF of 15, UV-protection is also added to the fiber for the wearers to cope with the environment. 

The special design non-organic substrate which has a very high heat dissipation module is incorporated into the fiber construction, along with the other mechanism, the fabric are quick dry、increased blood circulation and cool down the skin temperature quickly.

B*Cool® can be used in any outdoor and indoor occasion, such as:

  1. Outdoor shirting and jackets for top and pants for bottom for spring and summer
  2. Sport wears and casual wears for any outdoor activities
  3. Shell fabrics for further finishing processes

Should you need any further information,
please contact:  chservice@chang-ho.com.tw