Plasma Surface Modification

Chang-Ho Fibre has been developed the Plasma Treatment for some years, and had acquired progresses.  Plasma is defined as “partially ionized gases”, the application is dyeing and finishing industry due to the amount of chemicals used in this process is about 1/1000 compared with the original chemical finishing.  The chemical molecules are chemically grafted onto the surface of the fabrics, and the effect is permanent. The end-effects of the fabrics are based on the gases used. Sometime, Oxygen or Helium is used to achieve hydrophilic of the fabrics.

Plasma also can used to improve the adhesion of the materials by improving the surface energy of the substrates, such as improving the adhesive power of PP or PE fibers, allowing some kind of inks or chemicals can be attached to the surface. Plasma Surface Modification can be regarded as a very environmental finishing, the various applications in textile industries making this technology becomes the best solution for dyeing and finishing industry.  Chang-Ho Fibre has several patents on this fields, and should you have any questions, please contact us at :