Chang-Ho Fibre is one of the textile innovator in Taiwan We use CORDURA® fiber is because of its toughness and durability. Durable、versatile and reliable are the core value of this outstanding fiber. Explore each category in our CORDURA® fabrics and see for yourself how CORDURA® fabrics strengthen hundreds upon hundreds of products.

CORDURA® is the registered name of a high-performance Nylon66 product used today in a range of products from boots and backpacks to military items such as sheaths and ammunition bags. CORDURA® products function as highly durable items with exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and high resistance to abrasion, suitable for many outdoor activities. Among the most popular since the 1980's are luggage, athletic apparel and equipment, shoes, bags, and backpacks. The newest line, which remains popular among environmental worldwide, is Eco-Made CORDURA®, which is made from recycled polyester fiber and is used especially for sporting goods.

Chang-Ho Fiber has been working on developing CORDURA® products for more than twenty years, we have established knowledge to work with you in this outstanding fiber. Tough, durable and versatile are the three key value of this fiber, we believe you definitely will appreciate what CORDURA® can bring to you.

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