Environmental Protection (Energy Saving)

Chang-Ho Fibre is devoting our effort to protect the environment from manufacturing processes.  We think that to reduce the burden of the Earth we live is the responsibility of each one of us in Chang-Ho.  The company started to recycled and separated the garbage from ten years ago, recycle and re-use the waste as many as we can. In the factory point of view, we calculate carbon footprint, from air-texture yarn to dyeing and finishing processes.  Carefully monitoring the carbon emission in the factory and take actions to reduce the CO2 emission, such as ban to use PET bottles, increase the efficiency of the machines..etc.  We use recycled materials extensively, including PET recycled fiber, bamboo fiber, corn fiber and other bio-degradable fiber, and hopefully to cut down the CO2 released.  We also purchased raw materials which produced locally in order to avoid the waste generated from transportation.

Built on the loving Earth concept, Chang-Ho has been devoted huge resources to improve the company, to create a world class environmental textile company.  By educating our workers, given them the correct environmental protection actions, and urge them to extent the eco-actions to their family life.